Anonymous whispered: WHERE DID YOU GO WHEN WILL YOU BE BACK???????

AH I’m sorry for leaving so suddenly!

I might be back, or I might not!

I’ve had a lot of fun with this blog, and it helped me through a lot of stuff. But life is crazy! IT REALLY IS!


ANND Kyo is such a part of me, is that weird to say? Like, part of me just is Kyo?? ? So I don’t think I can leave this blog forever, but I can’t be too sure!

theprinceyuki whispered: "Then I suppose you don't want me to deal with the spider on your shoulder."

"Like I would believe you…" 

endlesslycheerful whispered: *hands over a plate of riceballs sans leeks*

"Don’t do all the work… make Shigure help you out next time…”

theprinceyuki whispered: Squints at.




"Does udon not count as food?"

"Not if you eat it everyday for EVERY MEAL!”



"I’m hungryyyyy."

"Lemme guess, you forgot to buy groceries… not that you can cook." 


Where do I start? I wanted to wait till my 1k mark but decided against it. Over 800 people have been following me for months now and I couldn’t thank you enough for all the support and praise and memories and so on. I’ve had Haru since December of 2012. Didn’t really expect him to get this much attention. I’m going to keep this simple and to the point. 

                                      THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!

I have a list of people who I will forever follow, forever love and forever think of as a family. You guy’s are always there for me and I’m always there for you — no homo. [ no but all the homo, hell, what am I saying ] Thank you again ///. 

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" We may not have it all together, but together we have it all. " 
Lions, and Tigers, and Bears— HOW CUTE! || W/ Kyokyokat


    Tohru set the bag down, walking over to the clothes line. Kyo wasn’t ready yet, so she decided to fold the clothes before they got going. It was something to do from keeping her from getting to excited. Which she was, she couldn’t help it. She hadn’t been to the zoo since she was a little girl, when her mom and dad were still alive. She took a sheet down, starting to fold it. Hatori should be here soon, he had offered to take them to the zoo. Which was s nice of him! She smiled to herself, placing the folded sheet in the basket, the Sohma’s really were full of nice people. She was so thankful to be around them all. And she was thankful that Kyo decided to go to the zoo with her, just the two of them.


    She stopped folding for a moment, what if Kyo didn’t really want to go. What if she pressured him? He really didn’t want to go at first, but then all at once said yes. Tohru would feel so bad if she did that. Her thoughts were stopped by a sudden breeze. It tussled her sundress and almost blew her sunhat right off her head. She put her hand on her head, so it wouldn’t blow away. Her hair blew softly in the breeze and she looked up at the pretty blue sky. She smiled, “It really is such a beautiful day.” She hoped Kyo would be ready to go soon and that he really did want to go.

A hand scratched scruffy orange hair as Kyo looked at his scruffy reflection in the cracked window. Man, what did Tohru see in him? He had agreed to take her to the zoo, but with Hatori driving them, he felt foolish. He would have to get his driver’s license soon. How would he pay for a car? The details he would have to work out later, but for now, he flattened out his hair and left him room. He was nervous. It would just be the two of them together, and even though they were familiar with spending time alone, the feeling today was somewhat… different. Something more serious, more formal.

Dammit, I’m overthinking things…

He started running. That was the best way to relieve him of his nerve, plus, he didn’t want to keep her waiting. His heart beat fast, not only from his fast pace, but something deep down in his heart as he pictured her face; that smile… those eyes… everything.

And there she was, her soft voice spoke soft words.


"Yeah, I guess it is." He smiled at her. He couldn’t help it. There was something about her that made him want to smile. His nervousness fell away, she had that effect. "You’re gonna get blown away, though."

hatsuuharu whispered: PREMIUM BEAUTIFUL PERSON! Once you have received this award, you are supposed to paste it into the asks of eight people who deserve it, it is sweet to know that someone thinks you're beautiful inside and out. Have a lovely day!


coldhearteddragon whispered: PREMIUM BEAUTIFUL PERSON! Once you have received this award, you are supposed to paste it into the asks of eight people who deserve it, it is sweet to know that someone thinks you're beautiful inside and out. Have a lovely day!

a super sweet message from a really amazing person i am blush >//<